Financial Planning and Coaching

Are you stressed about money?

Do you worry or feel anxious about your personal finances?
Do you have overdue bills?
Are you living pay day to pay day?
Are you spending more and more on your credit cards?
Are you and your partner fighting more about money?

If you answered yes to these questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to studies, two in five Australians will experience financial stress over their working lives that will last on average 6.4 years or more. We believe that well-being and happiness are intertwined with our financial lives and therefore it’s an integral part of our model.

What is financial well-being?

Having control over day to day, month to month finances, having savings for when an emergency happens. Being on track to meet financial goals and having the freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.

What can influence financial well-being?

Financial self-belief
Financial behaviours (regular saving, minimised debt)
Social capital (such as support from others/networks)
Household income
A positive attitude to money

Other factors include transitional or life events such as:
Moving out of home
Having a baby
Changes to employment status and income

A lack of Financial Well-being can lead to Financial Stress

Feelings of financial stress can be caused by issues such as holding too much debt, not earning enough, the expense of raising kids, a partner or spouse with different ideas on how to manage finances, and the list can go on and can range from a little to a lot.  It can take its toll on your closest relationships. How present are you with your family and friends when you feel financially behind?  Studies have found that people experiencing financial stress are also at greater risk of insomnia, depression and psychological distress, migraines, and higher blood pressure. True wealth is more than just finance. It also includes health, wellness & human connection.

Life by Design  is about this connection

Our Life by Design Financial Planning program  is about the journey from striving to thriving and aims to improve not only your financial health but reduce stress, increase happiness, financial security and physical well-being.

It helps you to determine the outcome of your financial life. You wake up with intention and are clear on your goals, you know what needs to get done and how to put it into action.



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